Photo credits: Tom Rossiter, Suzanne Plunkett, Nathan Mandell, Nathan Mandell, Jonathan L. Green



Friends, Colleagues, and Strangers:

Welcome to my website! Here I have proof that I am a real-life working theatre and on-camera in Chicago. Scroll through my photos up above to see past theatre productions I have been in, or click on my Film/TV tab to see my on-camera work. Check out Solo Show to see my work as a playwright. I am proud to continue working on creating South Asian female characters who are multi-faceted, funny, flawed, and deeply human. We need more variety on our stages.

I try to live by the motto “you don’t have to be perfect, you just gotta show up.” It’s one of my life goals to spread empathy about mental illness, as I am a survivor of depression and anxiety. I find value in life through meditation, Indian classical dance, and terrible, terrible jokes.

I also tutor French around the city. Check out for more information!



I’ll be…

Writing, re-writing and editing my one-woman show

to be produced at Silk Road Rising

May 17-27 2018

77 W. Washington St.

Pierce Hall

Chicago, IL 60602

"Sideshow Theatre meets Carson's singular vision with a production that eagerly subverts expectations, mixing up its casting by gender, age, and color. It's an ensemble achievement, and director Jonathan L. Green's elegant staging reflects this, seamlessly flowing from choral recitation to individual speech and back."

- Suzanne Scanlon, Chicago Reader